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Our mobile Fleet Tracking and vehicle management software solution offers a wide range of frontline technology and innovative solutions, including MiX Telematics Africa’s best of breed vehicle tracking technology. With multiple care tracking devices and vehicle tracking options, you can pin-point the exact location of your vehicles, replay routes and analyse trips from anywhere in the world via the internet or your mobile phone.

Our vehicle tracking systems include:

Rovi is the latest fleet management in-cab display available from Hyper Auto. Once installed and configured, fleet managers and drivers can communicate with each other.

Vision, another great element from Hyper Auto’s vehicle management system stable, captures and delivers video footage of events to Hyper Auto’s online information and tracking portal.

Mobileye offers key road and driver safety features and is a valuable accessory to Hyper Auto’s existing vehicle management software and fleet management services.

A unique element of our vehicle management system; Hyper Auto provides a Hands-Free kit capable of voice communications, designed to interface with the Fleet Manager range of on-board computers (OBC).