1. Fleet Management

Effective fleet management and vehicle tracking services provide several advantages, such as a reduced carbon footprint, operational costs and fuel consumption; less wear and maintenance; fewer accident risks and increased safety.

Large enterprise companies that cover a vast area, own thousands of vehicles, and are responsible for a huge number of drivers across several states or even different countries, have a range of unique challenges when it comes to fleet management services.

Challenges faced by enterprise fleet managers
  • Avoiding information overload
  • Integrating fleet data into existing software systems
  • Making sure all assets are fully utilised
  • Fixing small problems fast
  • Managing a geographically-dispersed team
  • Finding specific fleet information quickly
  • Software systems that are scalable and able to handle rapid growth
  • Controlling unauthorised use of company assets
Your Hyper Auto vehicle management services and solutions Accurate measurement and data capturing

Typical information and reporting of Fleet Tracking includes:

  • Trip detail (driver, fuel used, distance driven, locations visited, routes, speed, etc.)
  • Customer defined events (door-open, night-time driving, etc.)
  • Critical events as it happens via text and/or email messages
  • Detailed driver and vehicle oriented reports available online using FM-Web service
  • Integrated Garmin navigation
  • Improved route planning
Streamlining reporting, paperwork and documentation

The online logging functionalities on a car tracking device can record information as you drive, so there’s a lot less paperwork at the end of the day. An online logbook, together with our vehicle management software, can record jobs and working hours, data, miles driven and also allow for easy-to-use reports that substantiate your company’s performance.

State-of-the-art technology

Our customers rely on Hyper Auto’s on-board computers, tracking systems, our web-based vehicle management system and our reporting and analytics tools to improve their overall productivity, operate more efficiently and bring about significant cost reductions.

Performance Monitoring

By combining our vehicle tracking systems with our advanced vehicle management software, fleet managers can monitor fuel consumption; as well increase fleet safety and performance, while helping drivers improve performance and rewarding good drivers.

Through tracking devices we have the ability to monitor:

  • Engine Temperature
  • Brakes Applied
  • Engine Hours
  • Oil Pressure
  • Distance Driven
  • Speed
  • Whereabouts of vehicle
  • RPM
  • Harsh Acceleration
  • Harsh Braking
  • Excessive Idling
  • Out of Green Band Driving
Automated Hours of Service

Our advanced tracking system provides real-time monitoring of drivers’ hours, while saving a lot of time and errors by removing the need to manually log driving hours.

Critical Event Reporting

By installing Hyper Auto’s vehicle tracking systems, you get an automatic vehicle monitor that enables safety and fleet managers to proactively manage the behaviour of drivers in real-time, cutting down on accidents, repair costs, and risks to driver safety.

2.Bureau Information Services

Hyper Auto is very proud of our unique internet-based after sales support service that delivers your fleet management information to you via a secure front-end web service. Hyper Auto’s fleet management services mean you have access to our reporting/measurement Bureau Information Services which will increase your business efficiency in the following ways:

  • Your fleet data is securely stored, downloaded regularly and managed daily in a centralised environment - delivered to you in the way you want it (via web or email)
  • No need to purchase software or software licensing
  • Our highly trained fleet consultants analyse your data to highlight problem areas
  • We also visit clients to customise reporting to their unique operation. This in turn serves to reduce running costs and streamline transport operations
  • Financial advantages: You have access to a tangible return on your investment
  • Warranty advantages: Your units have a 3-year warrantee

Read more about our Bureau Services here

3. Vehicle Tracking Systems and Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Combining vehicle tracking systems and recovery with fleet management technology makes good business sense – ideal for the consumer market.

If you want to effect tracking and recovery, and facilitate immediate response to driver emergencies, contact Hyper Auto today.

Vehicle Tracking and Tracking Devices

Our mobile Fleet Tracking and vehicle management software solution offers a wide range of frontline technology and innovative solutions, including MiX Telematics Africa’s best of breed vehicle tracking technology. With multiple care tracking devices and vehicle tracking options, you can pin-point the exact location of your vehicles, replay routes and analyse trips from anywhere in the world via the internet or your mobile phone.

Our vehicle tracking systems include:

Matrix MX1 Vehicle Tracking Device

Designed primarily as a theft recovery unit, the Matrix MX1 unit does not provide any early-warning functionality and the activation of a recovery process following a theft, requires a telephone call to the National Operations Centre.

The Matrix MX1 car tracking device may be the entry-level model of the Hyper Auto products, but it still leaps the bounds ahead of its industry equivalent and comes packed with unique features including:


Everyone would agree that in an emergency situation, time is of the essence. This is where FastTrac comes in, enabling us to position stolen vehicle within 30 seconds. We do this by accessing the extensive cell phone networks to track and locate vehicles. Unlike other major tracking companies, our vehicle tracking devices can remotely locate a vehicle even if it’s stationary.

X-Ray Vision

What happens when a stolen vehicle is taken to a covered area like a warehouse, transport container, or underground parking garage where standard radio frequency technology detection is ineffective? With the Matrix MX1 care tracking device you don’t need to worry because we have X-Ray Vision. Our unique use of the cellular networks allows us to triangulate a vehicles position, even if it is parked underground.

Battery Back-Up

Each Matrix tracking system is fitted with its own back-up battery. When a vehicle battery is disconnected or runs flat, the back-up battery facilitates tracking and recovery.

Matrix MX2 Vehicle Tracking Device

While having all the benefits and advantages of the Matrix MX1 unit, the matrix MX2 unit has many more features, not least of which is its early-warning functionality. This means that if your vehicle is stolen we will probably know about it before you do.

Other really smart features incorporated in the Matrix MX2 tracking systems are:

Ignition Tamper Alarm

Your Matrix MX2 vehicle tracker will notify the support centre as soon as an unauthorised party starts your car or tampers with the ignition.

Optional Panic Button

This optional feature allows you to transmit a silent distress signal to Hyper Auto by pressing a well hidden button, at no additional cost with initial installation.

Internet tracking

Internet tracking allows you to find out where your vehicle and loved ones are any time of the day or night. With the Matrix MX2 or MX3 vehicle tracking systems, all you need is a computer and internet connection. Activating your Internet Tracking requires a simple online registration process. Thereafter you will be able to position your vehicle or view its last 10 positions.

Matrix MX3 Vehicle Tracking Device

The Matrix MX3 tracking device combines all the features of the Matrix MX1 and MX2 tracking devices, as well as adding extra personal safety features. The Matrix MX3 vehicle tracker is our most advanced consumer tracking unit and is often used as the benchmark for tracking systems in the industry. Combining traditional car tracking features with advanced personal safety and convenience features could make the matrix MX3 unit a lifesaver in many instances.

The Matrix MX3 car tracking system also features:


The use of GPS technology gives us the ability to get a very accurate (PinPoint) position on your vehicle. In a life-threatening situation, this accurate position may prove to be great value to save a life.

Crash Alert

Crash Alert is the simple greatest reason why you should get a Matrix MX3 unit fitted in your car. This ground breaking technology with the corresponding support services are unique to the Matrix MX3 vehicle tracking device and are light years ahead of any other tracking unit.

Crash Alert will act as your guardian in a potentially life-threatening situation. In the event of a potentially serious accident an impact sensor will instantly trigger an alarm. The alarm, which contains your GPS PinPoint accurate location, will be sent directly to our SOS partner. This seamless process is fully automated and makes it incredibly easy for emergency services to dispatch medical assistance directly to the scene very quickly.

The Matrix MX3 tracking device was designed as a personal safety unit and with features such as crash alert; it has the capacity to “speak for you when you can’t”.

Roadside Assistance

In the unfortunate event of encountering any form of breakdown of your vehicle on the road, you can be assured that you will not be in distress for long. Just one phone call to Hyper Auto will enable us to send you the necessary roadside assistance required and with our PinPoint technology we will know your exact location, ensuring efficient and direct assistance. Roadside assistance is only available with the Matrix MX3 car tracking device.

Driver Identification Disc (DID)

The DID is a remote system that provides an early warning when the remote and vehicle is separated – activated when the vehicle starts moving.


It is a well-known fact that there are certain high-risk areas in South Africa. We call these areas “NoGo-Zones”. If your vehicle, fitted with a Matrix MX3 unit, enters a NoGo-Zone, Matrix MiX Telematics will receive a signal. After confirming the status of your vehicle, they can immediately start with the recovery process if required.

Sometimes people only realise their vehicle has been stolen long after it has happened. Even if you are not aware of it, you will have peace of mind that the NoGo-Zone feature will serve as an additional early alert.


Whether for the purpose of annual tax claims or monthly evaluation of business travel, what could be easier than generating an electronic logbook as you drive? Once set up, with your vehicle tracking system you can have a Logbook generated at the press of a button. The Logbook will contain the date, location and distance per trip, which can then either automatically or manually be identified as a business or private trip. The logbook requires a remote at an additional charge.

Service Notification

Use this feature to register your vehicle at the Hyper Auto approved vehicle service centre of your choice. When your vehicle trackers inform us that your vehicle is approaching a service interval, we will automatically notify the service centre, who will in turn contact you directly to set up a service appointment. This way you do not have to worry about missing a service interval and affecting your vehicle warranty.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Hyper Auto provides a number of customised vehicle security options. Whatever your industry or vehicle security needs, we guarantee that with Hyper Auto you will find a vehicle recovery that will suit you.

Our vehicle recovery services include:

  • Standalone recovery
  • Basic security
  • Enhanced security
  • Ultimate security

Contact us today to discuss how we can support your individual vehicle security needs.


Looking for the smartest wireless recovery device on the market? Beam-e offers a whole new way to keep your vehicles safe. Smaller, simpler and so much more affordable, Beam-e is a wireless tracking device that is totally mobile, fits easily into your vehicle, motorbike, quad bike, trailer or caravan.

Key Features

Beam-e is purely a stolen vehicle recovery product, which means help from our dedicated 24/7 recovery team is just a phone call away. It has a guaranteed 3 years battery life under normal operating conditions and there is no need to connect it to your vehicle’s power supply, which means a fast, hassle free, non-intrusive installation into your vehicle without compromising electronics or warranties.

  • Enables Stolen Vehicle Recovery of your vehicle throughout South Africa.
  • Will not affect your vehicle’s electronic warranty.
  • May lower your premium with most insurers.
  • Call us once a month to check if your unit is communicating.
  • 24 hour 365 day access to Recovery Services.
  • No additional costs when a real recovery is made for stolen and/or hijacked vehicles.
  • When your unit battery runs low, you will be notified.
4. Custom Solutions

Fleet Tracking technology in the fleet industry is moving ahead at a fast pace. Although the element of human error in the fleet sector is not going to disappear, the adoption of fleet management services and vehicle management software can offer much more complex capabilities – while saving you the investment in technologies that may be expensive and have a short lifespan.

Hyper Auto thrives on making sure our customers get the solution that will work for them. An example of a customised solution would be including sensors that can track cargo events, such as if a door has been opened or closed or if there has been a change in cargo temperatures.

In order to do that, we offer our services in various options that we call Solution Packages. These fleet management solutions packages are then customised according to your unique needs and requirements.

Our standard Solutions Packages typically consist of a:

  • Vehicle On-Board Computer Tracking System
  • Contract Option
  • Set of Standard Services included in the Solution Package Fee
  • Set of Additional Services
Web Solutions for Effective Fleet Tracking

Hyper Auto’s FM Web solution allows you to handle and evaluate all your fleet data without installing and maintaining additional software on your office computer. Simply access the Internet from any computer and securely log on to view your vehicle of fleet data anytime, anywhere.

Through our vehicle management software and web solutions all of this information can now be sent directly from your tracking system, and in real-time, to managers via alerts or emails to their smartphones.

  • Dashboard functionality displaying user-defined critical metrics
  • Active and passive vehicle tracking and monitoring
  • Location management and geo-fencing
  • Driver and vehicle performance monitoring
  • Advanced reporting functionality
  • Vehicle / base station communication
  • Job and text messaging
  • Fuel management
  • License and Service reminders
  • Data accessible anytime and anywhere
  • Easy access via a standard web browser
  • Data managed in a centralised, secure environment
  • Enhanced mapping coverage through Google maps
  • No investment in office software and IT infrastructure
  • Information delivered via web, e-mail or SMS
  • Unique, personalised services for fleet customers
  • Integration into third party systems