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Mining Companies require exceptionally efficient fleet management services and Fleet Tracking to manage their large fleets of vehicles. The effective management of these fleets of vehicles is not only cost effective – but can play an important role in the safe transportation of both mineworkers and mining materials.

Mine dispatchers can use Hyper Auto’s customised fleet management system to centrally manage mine operations, including equipment allocation, shift change, refuelling, and equipment downtime events. Hyper Auto’s computerised fleet management services can provide the following benefits to improve mining safety and different areas of mine operations:

  • Optimise haul truck assignments to loading and dumping points in an open-pit mine
  • Produce operating reports during the shift
  • Reduce truck queuing at loading and dumping locations

Depending on client requirements, Hyper Auto’s custom solutions can also include GPS-based equipment positioning, equipment health monitoring, maintenance tracking and production reporting.