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Getting help on time is a matter of life or death when you are injured or sick. Using Mix Telematix technology, LifeMed 911 is now able to reach more patients faster to provide quality medical care when it is needed most.

MiX Telematics, a leader in fleet management technology and innovation, has assisted LifeMed 911 through Hyper Auto, a strategic partner to MiX Telematics since March 2010, to ensure that ambulances get to patients on time.

“Hyper Auto installed Mix Telematics FM tracer units with an integrated Garmin Solution into the LifeMed 911 fleet of ten ambulances and three response vehicles and has been working closely with LifeMed 911 for a year, ensuring LifeMed 911’s operations run smoothly,” says Brendan Horan, sales and marketing manager of MiX Telematics.

LifeMed 911 was created in July 2006 and operates three divisions, including a 24-hour ambulance service, events medical assistance and CPR, and first-aid training. It also supplies major hospital groups with patient transport.

“LifeMed 911 primarily uses the MiX Telematics system for active tracking, messaging and route management. The system needs to be functional

24 hours a day, seven days a week and to date we are pleased to report that no excessive downtime has been recorded. This is essential for an operation like LifeMed 911 where rapid intervention, particularly in trauma cases, is required,” adds Horan.