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Delivery / Courier / Moving Transport

Two major issues for courier companies are: You know your clients don’t like to be kept waiting and they like to know the progress of the delivery. Hyper Auto fleet management services and vehicle tracking systems ensures that you receive real-time information on your drivers’ positions so you can inform your customers immediately if there are any delays and give them a reliable ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival). You can also give them an accurate record of delivery times thanks to our vehicle tracking system.

By partnering with Hyper Auto you can also save money on communications and fuel – so you can give your customers the best possible rates. Our advanced vehicle management software means that the second a call comes in for a delivery, you can pass the information instantly to the closest driver, without any expensive mobile calls.

With our effective route planning options you also save on unnecessary mileage by avoiding traffic jams and unnecessary detours – so your delivery drivers have an easier, safer and worry-free journey.