Bureau services

Hyper Auto’s vehicle management system provides our customers with a unique internet-based information and support service that delivers your fleet management reports to you via a secure front-end web service. By using our Bureau Information Services you don’t need to own or manage the IT infrastructure required to retrieve, process, store and present your fleet management information.

Our Bureau Information Services takes care of your Fleet Tracking data, ensuring it is stored in a secure environment, downloaded regularly, managed on a daily basis in a centralised environment, and delivered to you in the way you want it over the Web or via e-Mail.

You get the following fleet management benefits:

  • The opportunity for ongoing return on investment as well as best-of-breed reporting and analytics functionality. Your fleet data is securely stored, downloaded regularly and managed daily in a centralised environment - delivered to you in the way you want it (via web or email)
  • Log in from multiple pc/laptops, and the internet from any location worldwide, provided you have been supplied with a username and password. All data is hosted in a secure environment.
  • Get a bureau with fleet consultants analysing data from vehicle on board computers and tracking. The data is submitted to the clients in various formats with comments highlighting problematic areas that cause high vehicle costs and unproductive driving habits.
  • Highly trained fleet consultants are tasked to visit clients to customise the reporting round their unique operation. The consultant’s role is to provide as much information to reduce running costs and streamline the transport operation so that the clients focus is around transport and not tracking and fleet management.
  • No need to purchase software or software licensing
  • Warranty advantages: Your units have a 3-year warrantee
  • No call centre – clients have the benefit of dedicated fleet consultants and office-based administrators for any assistance required