Mobileye offers key road and driver safety features and is a valuable accessory to Hyper Auto’s existing vehicle management software and fleet management services. Combined with Hyper Auto’s advanced hardware and software applications, driver behaviour and events detected by the Mobileye advanced smart camera can be recorded and monitored by fleet managers. Having access to the data equips fleet managers with a powerful tool to evaluate their drivers and make necessary improvements for the best fleet management and fleet operations.

Perfected over ten years, Mobileye’s collision prevention technology has been adopted as a standard core safety feature by leading automotive manufacturers including Volvo, BMW and General Motors.

The intelligent camera device, located on the front windshield inside the vehicle, is never distracted. It utilises vehicle, lane and pedestrian detection technologies to measure the distance to other vehicles, lane markings and pedestrians, providing a valuable vehicle management system to commercial vehicle and fleet vehicle drivers with important and often life-saving visual and audio alerts.

The Mobileye safety features are achieved through the following driver alerts: